Noobs for Raspberry Pi

Noobs for Raspberry Pi for Windows

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  • Version: 3.2.0

Raspberry Pi Set Up Made Easy

Raspberry Pi is a new computer system in circulation today. Being new in the market and introducing something new to the industry—what with it being as small as a credit card—setting it up and understanding how it works may prove to be difficult. Perhaps even more if you are quite a novice when it comes to computer systems. Luckily, Raspberry Pi creators also release a handy tool that can make it easier for you to set up a Raspberry Pi. NOOBS for Raspberry Pi or New Out of Box Software is an operating system utility for Raspberry Pi. It contains various operating systems, including Raspbian and LibrELEC, which you can easily install in your computer. You won’t need network access, and you don’t have to download any special imaging software. You only need to download a copy of the NOOBS zip file and unpack it onto a freshly formatted 4GB (or larger) SD. Upon booting up for the first time, you will be prompted to install one of the included operating systems into the free space on the card. This allows you to switch between OS and overwrite corrupted cards.


  • Allows Easy Setting Up of Your Raspberry Pi
  • Contains a Selection of Operating Systems
  • Lets You Switch Between Operating Systems


  • Does Not Allow Multiple OS Installation
  • Some of the Operating Systems Included Are Not Familiar
  • Can Still Be Confusing for Novice Users

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Noobs for Raspberry Pi


Noobs for Raspberry Pi 3.2.0 for PC

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